Friday, May 7, 2010

Things I love about this place.

Powerbar is the best... do you think we have enough stuff for 18 days? At least we don't have to re order in October.
Big George's Gym Pacific Island Fitness

1. Board Short runner. Big hunky island boys running along Alii in board shorts. No Lycra here. Just tribal tats and boardies.
2. An abundance of coffee. Every where.
3. Sunsets. Amazing really and it's not till you get back here that you realise how much you missed them.
4. Swimming with dolphins in the AM. Magic, you have to do it in Kona bay to know the thrill.
5. Pacific Island Fitness. Big George my man. Every visit we go straight to PIF and get a membership. I freak the big Island lads out. They see me come in and 2 and a half hours later they walk by asking if "I am still on there?"
6. Fresh farmers market Pineapple.
7. Warm weather. It's never cold here.
8. Costco.... bulk buying at it's best.
9. Care packages from our amazing sponsors. They understand that it is impossible to travel with everything these days and they send stuff ahead. Bless them
10. Our Kona family. All the beautiful folks that live here and make us feel at home.
11. Free pool admission.
12. 2 stops in 50 miles and polite drivers who understand us.
13. Sushi sushi sushi.
14. Bikini's are considered appropriate clothing at every venue. As I love a bikini this suits me down to the ground.
15. Scooters are the quickest and cheapest way around the island. With petrol the price that it is makes this an economical solution and a great hairdryer to boot.