Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Leaving home....

Guy with his prized catch!
Pete was stoaked with his fish.
I spent the first 40 mins rigging all the first timers up.
Oh the serenity!
In our final few days before we headed back overseas we had the McKenzie family up for a day of fun fun fun! Crickey how quick did that 5 months go!!! Anyways a day out on the river with Vicki , Pete , Jac and Guy (the other future McKenzie) was super fun. Here are the pics of our fishing expedition. Just a quick reminder of the days score :

Amanda x 3 fish
Pete x 1 fish
Jac x 1 fish
Guy x 1 fish

Luke and Vicki = ZERO fish

Enough said..... actually no it's not ... I am an AWESOME fisher person!!!!!!

Stay tuned for Hawaii Adventures next week

Memphis x