Thursday, January 21, 2010

Memphis on the road... SOLO!!!

Me and my K-Swiss Tubes waiting in the Airport.... We miss Jimmy!

I have packed my bags yet again. However for this trip I will be SOLO!! No Jimmy and no bike!

I am headed back to the USA for 10 days. There is a whole bunch of work to do on our not so top secret project. I will reveal all after this trip but very exciting.

In true Hillary Biscay style I have snuck in a marathon. After last years pitiful ending to the season I kept the running up all off season and harassed the poor people at to let me in the Carlsbad Marathon. Finally I was let in but sadly it was due to a lovely lady being injured. Get well soon Kelly!! I will be competing with my friend Marie. She is a crazy German girl that has just gotten into triathlon. Her coach is non other that Peter McKenzie.... Luke's Dad and considering his success with coaching Luke, Jac and Guy over the years I am expecting great things from her. She wonders when in her life did a marathon become a "training day ". She will be awesome.

As I write this I am in San Fransisco transit area. The plane ride over was pretty funny. I felt sorry for the poor fellow who had to sit next to me. I think I talked the first 4 hours straight. Turns out he is from a small country town about 70 kms away from my home town. Newdegate has a population of about 200 and so does his so the chances of running into each other was pretty slim. He did not seem to mind the endless chit chat. Us country folk like a chat.

The storms are in and there are delays. I am hoping for the best but you never know. This is my first winter in forever. I had to send the sweaters/jumpers out to be dry cleaned as they hadn't been used for 4 years...seriously. Ugg boots and scarves heck my tan will rub off by the time I get home.

Stay tuned

Memphis x