Saturday, January 23, 2010

LA with JF

Ivette and I .... this is her Blue Steele pose!
Jen F , David "Boot" Bond and Memphis in K-Swiss!!!
Laurel and her amazing new season samples. I am so sad I am not sample size!!!Surely something can be done about this Laurel!!!!
Jenny in front of herself !!!!

I was happy to finally arrive in LA. What was meant to be a early dinner turned into a late night affair. I finally picked up friend and fellow K-Swisser Miss Jenny Fletcher. She had been patiently awaiting me at a Peet's Coffee for like 3 hours ... ooops! We headed out for a dinner at a yummy Japanese place. After stuffing ourselves we headed back to her house to get some sleep before our scheduled 6.30 swim. Now I had all intentions of getting up for this session but considering my long day of flying and not getting to be until 12.30 it was looking a little shaky.
The alarm went off and I pushed my way out of the haze only to do the math and realise that if I did indeed get up it would actually be 11 pm for me on my time. Clearly this was unreasonable and I went back to sleep. I don't think Jen minded either as it was torrential rain and gail force winds outside.

The day got underway at about 9 am and we headed off to the K-Swiss head quarters. There we caught up with all the usual suspects and raided the goodies closet. A must if the big boss ( Erik V) is down in OZ for the Australian Open Tennis ha ha. I went in to see Laurel my favorite K-Swiss designer and she had so many super awesome shoes coming out it is amazing!!!! I hate that sample size is a 7.5 as I am a 8.5 boo. That bloody Katya Myers gets all the breaks with her tiny 7.5 feet :)

After we smuggled out the good stuff I had to make a break from the big smoke and head south to the homelands of San Diego!!!!

Let's hope I make it before the rush hour.

Stay tuned

Memphis x