Saturday, January 23, 2010

Avoiding rush hour and road side naps.

I think I ate a whole cow!
Marie, Sum Sum, A Man , Memphis group hug!

A Man and I ... he looks so serious with the new hairdo!

After a great morning but an unobtained swim set I headed south to San Diego. I know this drive well and could do it blind folded... well almost!

I only packed one actual CD and listened to it the whole trip. With Lisa Mitchell blasting from the rental car I made my way down the 405. I was making good time but was getting sleepy. Crap!!! I knew I was going to have to pull over for a nap. Road safety first!!! I pulled up just 10 kms away from where I wanted to get to. Amazing really. My body clock hates me right now. I laid the chair back and made a pillow out of clothes and got some zzzz's. After waking up I drove the last 10 kms to Frog's Gym and went in to do the session.

Frog's is kind of posy with tons of girls in designer lycra who prance around and bend over a lot in front of MASSIVE guys who have more muscles than brains. It's kind of funny actually. There are a lot of pervy old dudes too. Not a lot of actual sweating and working out for these women. So here I am in my running shorts, bra top, knee high compression sox and K-Ona's belting out my 40 min run on the treadmill. Sweating it up and minding my own business. I got a few strange looks about the sox but hey I had been in transit and had no intention of getting cankles ( fat ankles and calves). I left happy with myself that I had managed to stick to the program in spite of no Jimmy waving the whipping stick.

Dinner time was at a steak house. I had been eating salad , fruit and sushi for the last 48 hours as these are the best options when flying. Somehow in the past I have been able to gain 2 kgs on a flight. I think it is all the soda, red wine and cheese I previously decided lived on when travelling. Now I was dying for real food. Summer , Aman , Maria and I all stuffed ourselves at Saska's. Saska's was so good and the steak was as big as my head.

After dinner we headed back to Summer's house where Aman and I will attempt to build the new bike. I will let you know how that goes!!!!

Stay tuned

Memphis x