Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mo ... My new ride!!!

The hot new paint job!
MMMM Carbon fiber!
Scott USA are ROCKIN!!!
Clearly this is not my new saddle position!!! I need to get the seat tube cut and a few adjustments but I am ready to roll!!!

Adrian from Scott USA is my hero! He knew I was coming state side for this marathon and sent my new bike ahead for me. Normally we just get our new frames sent to OZ as we get our Sram and Vison parts sent out there also. The bike build normally happens at home with Bob doing all the hard work. This time however I am going to be in the USA for a week and Adrian was kind enough to send a complete bike to me here in SD. I am so excited to be able to ride while I am here as Ironman Malaysia is coming fast.

That bloody race has kicked my ass twice now and god dam it I am going to finish it this year even if it kills me!!! I was really worried that not riding for a week could hurt my preparation a lot.

Never fear Adrian has saved me. After getting a $350.00 estimate from a local bike shop to build it ... they could shove that where ever it fits.... I asked A Man to help me. Last night A Man and I (mainly A Man) put it almost completely together. Now I can take it up to B+L Bikes and get them to finish it off. I should have asked them in the first place but was trying to give the new local business some support. MMM well I never, $350 as if.

My New Contessa is sexy as!!!! I love her. A Man thinks I should name her Mojito or Mo for short. I like it !!!!! Mo she is !!

Tomorrow is the marathon so I will let you all know how that goes!!!

Stay tuned

Memphis x