Sunday, January 17, 2010

A quick trip !!!

Over the weekend Luke and I headed south to Melbourne. We were shooting a TV ad for K-Swiss. It was a blast. We caught up with Erik, Terenzo and Kel. It was a fly in fly out affair. However I am happy to report a Serena William's sighting and a quick exchange of hello's as we left the hotel. A brush with fame. She is a massive woman. I would pee my pants if I had to attempt to return a serve from her.  The Australian Open starts tomorrow and sadly we missed all the action. 

Noosa is getting busy. All the Euro's and people from the colder areas of the world are arriving. No one loves riding in freezing weather. So unless you live in Hawaii, Tuscon or Florida the chances are you are looking for a winter escape. Over the last few years a lot of our friends are heading here. 

I will keep you informed of the exciting trip coming up next week and will find the camera cable soon I promise. 

Stay tuned 

Memphis x