Tuesday, August 4, 2009

NYC ....and a huge surprise!

Wow what an amazing few days in NYC. I planned  a few days away for Luke as it was his birthday. We flew in early Tuesday morning donned some running gear and headed straight out to Central Park for a run. 
Now I have been to NYC before but the only time I saw early morning was when I stumbled out of a nightclub only to be blinded by the crack of dawn ( or the 2.5 liters of vodka Adrian and I had drank) I had never made it into the park... well not that I recall. It is amazing.

We had a beautiful run and worked up quite the appetite.  After checking into our room we showered and headed out for lunch. Sushi Samba was a sushi fusion place down in the Village. So good. We wandered around, window shopped and then parked ourselves at a little wine bar and people watched. 

I had booked dinner at Nobu so we headed home and put on our best party clothes. The birthday dinner was AMAZING!!! We were a bit sad that there was no cheese on the dessert menu so we went on a late night mission for a cheese plate. New York really is the city that never sleeps and serves cheese till dawn ha ha. 

Early the next morning we got up and missioned back to the park to work off all that food. After the training was out of the way we were starving. Can anyone else see the eating thread here? Off to one of my favourite places...Grand Central Station Oyster Bar. This place is a must for oyster lovers. 3 dozen oyster later and we went to Tiffany's to buy a necklace that I had been wanting for ages. 

Now this is when the story takes an unexpected twist. Luke suddenly was on a mission to take me to strawberry fields in Central Park. Now it was raining cats and dogs but I love the Beatles so I was totally in. We headed into the park and on the way I took my shoes off and started to splash around in puddles. As we headed to the destination in the rain I was having a blast singing "Strawberry Fields". As we got to Bow Bridge the sun came out and there was no one else in the park. Luke asked me to marry him and I couldn't believe it but had the good sense to say YES!!!! He put my beautiful ring on and the rest of the day was spent saying "Oh my god were getting married"  Very cool. Best day ever!

Clearly we were famished after all that excitement so we went for our engagement dinner at Fatty Crab. Now I am not sure if anyone else will agree but we thought that Fatty Crab was even better than Nobu. 

The mini break came to an end and we had to fly back to Bend. Of course not all went smooth and it took 17 hours to get back with all the delays. Rubbish!

Now we are back into super hard training and loving it. 

Will keep you posted on all the news 

Stay tuned
Memphis x