Monday, July 27, 2009

Biting the Dust!

Training in a new environment can have some teething problems. 

Bend is one of the most amazing places to train. However every time you come back here you have to get used to certain things again. While 3000 altitude is not much in some standards it is most definitely note worthy. Out here it is a warm at 85-90 degrees but unlike Hawaii it is bone dry. The air is hot and harsh. I have taken to leaving my race drink bottle set up on my training bike. I am constantly "Parched As".

I have been having a jolly good time chasing Luke around on my bike. Loving the hills/mountains and all the incredible scenery. My ass is shrinking and my lungs are growing. The outdoor pool is so beautiful and for the first time in the USA we are swimming  50's again....YAY! I am possibly the worlds worst tumble turner. When I flip turn I look like a retarded seal. I can do it but it is slow and funny looking. So the less turns the better. 

The running here is out of this world. I can not think of a better place any where we have been to run trails.  Yesterday  I took off for my long run with a stolen Camel Back ( thanks Lea). I seem to have missed placed mine and running 2 hours in the dry heat without any water did not sound like a safe idea. I was about 1 km into it when I realised that I left the scooter keys back with Jimmy and turned to go get them. About 500 mts back I suddenly took a nose dive into the dirt. Crap now I was covered in dirt and bleeding. All the mosquito spray I had applied earlier had attracted large amounts of dust and debris. If I washed it off I would get eaten alive so I had to continue back to Jimmy looking like a Yettie. He took one look at me and asked if anything was broken. A quick check confirmed that the run would continue. 

Unfortunately for a few unassuming hikers they got the fright of there lives as they saw a crazed dirty Aussie runner crashing through the woods. Some how I always get a bit off track. I realise I have gone wrong and usually turn right back to the river and charge through the bush. Some how the only other people out there are always on that exact bit of path and nearly have a heart attack as I appear out of no where... bloody and sweaty. 

2 hours later I was happy to be cooling the legs in Deshutes river.  Starved and smashed up I headed home to get ready for Jimmy's Birthday dinner. 

This afternoon we are heading off to NYC for two days of wine, dining and Central Park running! I love birthday week.

Stay Tuned 

Memphis x