Wednesday, August 12, 2009

3 weeks till IML

Wow how time flys. It is only 3 weeks till Ironman Louisville. I have been loving life up here in Bend OR. Long runs are like no where else. The bike riding has been great. Bend is one of the few places in the USA that have a 50 mt pool that is not chopped in half. 

But all the training aside we are so lucky to have awesome people to hang with. Matt (lieto) and Lea returned from Lake Placid adventures a week or so ago. We have had a few cook outs and tonight is Pad Thai night. YUM 

When we first arrived in Bend we were double booked on accommodations and Matt and Lea bailed us out with the loan of there house. I am hoping that they will bring Clyde the bobcat to dinner tonight. If they do I will post pix. I like to encourage Lea to drink her weekly quota of wine when she comes over. Matt is not so easily led astray. We will see though.

I can't believe it is just one week till we pack up and head across the country to Ironman Louisville. Both Luke and I will be racing. Luke was not sure until now but he is training like a freak and is really looking forward to the challenge

Before then we have a sneaky race so I will post the weekends adventures soon. 

Stay tuned 

Memphis x