Monday, October 6, 2008

Nearly Showtime

The prancing has begun and I am loving it.

The stars are out and they are puffy chested and strutting their stuff. Team outfits, personalized custom casual wear and all the trimmings. Bring it on it's showtime. 

All the big names are here and it is getting exciting. All conversations at Lava Java are about who looks good and who is going to win. It is time to predict who is going to break the tape first and everyone is throwing in their 2 cents worth. 

Here is a list of basic do's and do not's.

1. Race Kits are for race day..... bring running shorts people. 
2. If you are here for more than 5 days before the race bring a training helmet please. 
3. Longs socks are for recovery not for bike rides on the Big Island.
4. Smile .... it wont kill you! Not everyone is your direct competitor and does not need the stare down before Friday.
5. Speedo's are not correct shopping attire. They are for swimming only. 
6. Riding on the wrong side of the road does not make you cool.
7. Prancing along Alli Drive during lead up week will not help you when you are running in the Energy Lab on Saturday. 6.40 miles is not your race pace unless your name is Chrissy Wellington.
8. If you are coming from a cooler climate PLEASE wear sunscreen. Burnt skin is not sexy.
9. Riding from Kona to Hawi and back on Wednesday is not advised.
10. These rules are not a joke! 

If you are on the Island don't forget to say hi.

Love Memphis