Saturday, October 4, 2008

Kona.... taper for some, training for others!

I decided that since I was not in the race the next best thing would be to be here training for a race. There is nothing like coming to the Big Island with the best athletes in the world to motivate you to train like a crazy person. One day I want to race here as a pro but in the mean time till I get one of those slots I figure I will train like a mad woman with everyone around me. 

Ironman Florida is just a few short weeks away and I am loving the brutal training out here. Also I have my coach here. Both Kristian (The Boss and Tri Specific Main Man) and his wife are racing in the big dance next weekend. Sooooo exciting!

I have had a blast catching up with many of the awesome people that we see during the year. I love that so many different and super talented people come from all around the globe to race in this amazing place. 

Luke is so ready to race. It has been such a great year and we have both learnt so much. This Kona we look forward to helping release the K-Ona shoe line through K-Swiss. Check out the article on Luke's web blog. Erik gets here tomorrow and that's where the fun really gets going. 
If you are in Kona and what to see all the amazing new shoes drop by the expo and I will be there to personally help you with a shoe fitting. Seriously they are off the richter amazing. 

If I am not at the expo I am probably out on the Queen K riding my ass off. Wave and say hi if you see me. 

Take care