Friday, October 10, 2008

The Night before!

How friggin exciting. 

Yesterday was a big big day but tomorrow will be epic.  After spending the early am riding hill repeats I got home and changed into my very cool new Team Timex T along with the snazzy new Aussies Flag shoes and headed out the door. First stop was the Powerbar breaky. All the usual suspects were chowing down the beautiful hot treats. Nicole from Powerbar was busy name tagging people as they made a mad charge towards her goodie table. I collected my fetching Memphis tag and got down to the serious business of eating....and talking. I was seated next to Belinda Granger so the talk was thick and fast.

As soon as I had my fill I headed out to the Team Timex brunch. On the way I found a punctured Kyle on the side of the road. I pulled up on the sexy ruckus and offered him a ride. He was brave enough to jump on so we made it to the meeting just in time. But not before breaking into the Fuelbelt house and stashing his bike.

Rachel and I attempted to refain from talking our way through the meeting. She is really quite the resourceful young lady and when she got cold she started wearing her handbag.... mmm ingenious really. After the meeting we jumped back on the ruckus and headed to Lava Java. 

The remainder of my afternoon was spent signing one of my new athletes to an awesome new deal for 2009. This is always such a buzz. I love this sport and I love the industry. Helping people achieve their dreams is just the best.  More on that in the new year. 

In the evening we had a great night and way too many mai tai's at Huggo's for E mans 40th birthday. Happy birthday Super Star!

Now it's Friday night and as I have declared on Facebook "I am so excited I might pee my pants!" 


Stay Tuned