Sunday, February 17, 2008

On my way.

Well Geelong came and went.... I was unable to race. A saddle sore op side lined me, gross but true. I had to make the decision to get them operated on and I was so glad I did. I had been struggling to stay down on my tri bars in time trials and there was really no choice. All is good I am happy to report. I have put in my last hard week of training here on the Gold Coast. I am ready for Ironman NZ!!!!! Bring it on!

Luke and I will leave tommorrow and I am VERY excited. I know that I have done everything right and am in the best shape I could be.

As Murphy's law would have it I am about to go for my last ride but it has started to rain AGAIN.
I am thinking that the powers to be have made this the wettest summer in 20 years just for me. I figure that it must be a sign and that IMNZ will rain cats and dogs and that I will be prepared. Whatever the weather brings I can't wait. It seems soooooo long since Hawaii. I get a little race antzy and am itching to get out there. I figure that it is a good indication that the training schedule has been sufficient when the toe nails have fallen off BEFORE the race ha ha. No seriously my running fobia has been washed away with the monsoons. Dare I say that I have even begun to really enjoy Sunday 2 hour run sesions ....heck!

Gotta go but stay tuned as race day is 1st March. You can watch me on but remember no longer in age group.... this is my first race as a pro!!!!! Woo hoo !!!!

See ya
Memphis xo