Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Zealand

Hi everyone,

Luke and I have arrived safe and sound here in Taupo. What a beautiful town this is. We have plonked ourselves at Fee Docherty's house for the week and are having a blast.

We had a chance to get out on the bike course today and it was very different than I expected. Everyone says how bad the road is.... Rubbish the road is fine. It just straight. Very very straight. The road is long and did I mention straight. It is pretty flat and you find yourself getting out of the sadde for even the smallest rises just to do something different. I think it will be mighty fast. Well at least a girl can hope so.

The weather has been amazing and I have yet to see one of these long white clouds everyone goes on about. Ha ha.
Now that I have said that the mock as surely been placed and the rain will fall within hours.

All in all it's getting very exciting and I must go to bed as we are off to the lake tommorrow nice and early for a swim.

Night night
Say tuned
Memphis x