Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Back in Bend

After a great fun night with Linsey, Chris, John, Sara and Clibby in Seattle we headed back to Clibby's home town, Bend. A quick pitstop in Portland to pick up Clarkey and finally we are here to settlel in to do some training before Vineman. The most amazing thing of all is that FINALLY my new ride has arrived. My sweet new QROO has been unpacked and I cant wait to get on her. We will watch Clibby in his 5 stage road race over the next few days. The cycling is awesome here and I will fit watching him in around running the wicked trails and riding these beautiful mountains. I will go solo as Jimmy is finally having a few days off. I might have to pad lock him to the lounge as he gets a severe case of FOMO. Actually the tour de france is on so it wont be too hard.