Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

Once again I seem to have abandoned you. This usually happens when I travel too much and train heavily. In this case it is both. Since we last hung out I have been to more countries than I care to remember and have swam,rode and run more that I can recall.

I will do my best to bring you up to date.

Post Morocco we headed back to Spain. Spain to London to see my bff Clare and her man. Stopped off at the Glastonbury festival. Returned to Spain said a sad goodbye to the Marbella crew :( and headed to Italy France and Switzerland for work.

There was a load of training and some Tour du France action. Cadel slapped his race number on my ass. I thought I was going to be able to help him to victory but disaster struck the next day and he crashed. As did Lance. The fairy tale was over for this year. But I have a memento that is now stuck on the front of our wedding planner book ha ha ha. I am not your average bride.

Valley du Jour was awesome. I burnt off loads of the calories I ate in Italy. I fell in love with Italy all over again and pestered Jimmy to let me buy a vineyard. Sadly he did not approve. Apparently we don't have enough money just yet ha ha ha. A villa in Tuscany is not in our budget....but one day he said.

Post Scott Switzerland and 3t Italy adventures we headed back to the trusty old "Turtle". A small oversight on our part was leaving the old girl in Florida. A 3 day world class road trip followed. I think we broke the world land speed record for a Ford Econoline.

We arrived in our mountain home of Bend and I have never been so happy to unpack the suitcase. However before I knew it the hand luggage was re packed and I shot over to NYC for IM Lake Placid. My girl Kate Bevilaqua came 4th and qualified for Kona. No one deserved it out there like her. She has been traveling the long road back from a horrible injury. Not once have I heard her whinge or cry. She just kept fighting her way back and got just rewards with a Kona slot. Welcome back from Siberia love muffin.

I came across a bit of a glitch in NYC and missed my flight and Jimmy's birthday. He was not a happy camper but quickly forgave me after I spoilt him rotten on my late return.

Now I am just 5 and a half short weeks out from IM Wisconsin and boy I am excited. I have been loving the massive rides and trail runs here in Bend. Not to mention the 50 mt outdoor pool. YAY. Memphis is home sweet home.

On other amazing news Best Girl Hillary Biscay got engaged to Maiki "Mr Cat" Twelsik. Well done kids well done.
Kristian and Charlotte Manietta are knocked up and are having what I predict to be the worlds cutest baby. I have already picked out a nickname for him/her. I will call their child "Lofty" for I have no doubt that he/she will be of great height.

Well that's it for now but I will post some pictures of these adventures very soon.

Stay tuned

Memphis x