Thursday, June 24, 2010


On our day off post X Challenge we headed to Morocco for the day. It was beautiful and interesting and super full on all at once. After hopping off the super speedy ferry we meet up with Abdul our taxi driver/tour guide for the day. He was a lovely man that live in Tanger his whole life. He spoke 5 languages and knew all there was to know about Morocco. Well the North anyways.

He showed us around Tanger and told us the history. Then he drove us to Assilah a beautiful seaside town. I absolutely loved Assilah. We stopped for lunch and I had a fish tanjine. The spice was amazing.

After lunch we strolled the streets and took 1000 photos. Here are a few.

Overlooking the city of Tanger.
The ladies of the alleys of Assilah.
Look left look right but dont forget to look up. A colorful roof top garden.
Painted doors are every where in here.
Out of the old city and into the streets for a market feel.
Sitting down for fish tanjine.
Another beautiful door.
And another.
This dude parks cars on the side of his other job. Over at Scott he is Monty's Boss.
Moroccan bread oven.
This mosque was built in 1355.
A box of kittens in the street that I wanted to bring home. Clearly I was not allowed.
Sunset over Tanger.
Luke enjoying the sunshine and some hummus.

After Assilah we travelled back to Tanger. Tanger is an amazing place but really full on. In a way going to Tanger is like going to Baja Mexico. Yes you are in Morocco but quite frankly it is not real Morocco. I would have loved to travel to Marrakech but sadly it was too far south. We just did not have time.

Would I recommend you go to Tanger? Yes I would but I would not stay there long. Half a day is more than enough. Get out and see more of the real Morocco.

Now we are back in Marbella and back to training hard.

Stay tuned

Memphis x