Tuesday, June 2, 2009


My race went a little something like this ....

Swim... a little slow but ok.

Bike .... ride ride ride ..... bumpity bumpity bump. Crap a flat! Fix flat. Ride ride ride, bumpity bumpity bump. Crap tyre flat again with valve situation. 

Race over! 1 hour spent hanging out with super awesome volunteers at aid station waiting for SAG to take me and my injured stallion back to transition. 

I had 4 mins to spare and then in came Crowie , Chris and Lukey. Yay Luke another fantastic result. You are on fire baby! 

Belinda won the girls! First race back from leg surgery and another win for the season. Go B!

I got instructions from coach to long run the very next day. All good in the end as I would rather have all flat tyres this weekend and not in Japan. My quota has been filled for the year and I have moved onto a full on last 10 days of Ironman training. 

Stay tuned 

Memphis x