Friday, June 12, 2009

Final Days !!!!

Time has flown here on our adopted island home.  A month has gone by faster that you can imagine. So much solid training has been done in preparation for Ironman Japan. I am pumped. 

We leave on Monday for Goto and I am very excited. Firstly I am so ready to race. Secondly Luke is on FIRE!!!! 3rd Miss Hillary will be there and I miss her madly. Especially now that Belinda and Juzzy have gone to the dark side and left for their new home Boulder. (Bend is where it is at...they just don't know it yet) 

I will be sad to leave our amazing home stay Dawn. Not only is she a wonderful flat mate she is also our masseuse. Here in Kona you won't survive without a tip top massage lady. The Kona training rips your body apart with the harsh elements. Body work is the key. I have dragged my sad, pathetic, tired ass onto her table countless times over the last month and passed out. Only to wake up a new person ready for another brutal day. So a massive shout out to our girl Dawn. We love you Dawn. 

The vog has been pretty good of late so we are enjoying some beautiful clear, hot final runs and rides. I have some funny news. I know I have been working hard as I am seeing the underside of 60kgs for the first time in decade. HECK! Maybe I will now no longer be the fat athlete. Nice!

Finally over the weekend I did a super sprint trip to San Diego to buy a new camper van. This one is a much upgraded but same style van as the one we have cruised in for the last 3 years. She is red and goes faster. I dub her the Red Turtle "RT" I am really looking forward to doing some miles with her soon. I would never have been able to wrangle a super deal and make her ours unless I had the endless support of or sista "Sum Sum". I flew in to SD at 11.30pm and she rallied to pick me up, drove me everywhere the next day to my meetings and then threw me back on the plane all with in 36 hours. Our family in SD are amazing. Sum, A Man, Jaz, April, Peter, Rory, Claudia... you are the best! See you soon.

Stay Tuned 

Memphis x