Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kona Time!

How has it been 13 days since I last visited this blog..... heck I have been busy. In between some gnarly hard core training sessions I managed to do many adult activities. Now get you mind out of the gutter people. I have packed my house, packed 6 months of luggage and moved to Kona
I love this place. It proverbially kicks your ass but I love it. You arrive and you are instantly reminded of the islands beauty and harshness all at once. The lava shimmers and the heat warms your blood. You love the smell of the island. I can't describe it but you know it as soon as it hits the nostrils
After 1 day of organisation we got right into training. Runs outside are so much harder. The heat and the bitumen test you from the beginning. I know how quickly it makes you strong so I don't complain or even whimper. I love it. It is however about being prepared. After laying out our own aid stations to the energy lab we started our long run today. I love this run. One day I will qualify to race the Ironman here as a pro. I will be more ready for this section of the marathon than any other female... ok the 2nd most ready as Bree has that title covered (she lives here on the big island lucky thing :) 
Luke thought that 3 aid stops between Bike Works and the end of the Energy Lab was too many... oh how he forgets! I made a stance and put them out anyways. 
As it turns out I was right and every time I got to the bottles I checked his and low and behold they were empty. Ha clever Memphis. I knew if I had only put out mine he would have drank them anyways ... leaving me high and dry! Parched as bro!
With my long hard run in the bag I was very satisfied with myself. I had been listening to local radio and had gotten wind of an afternoon market... I love a market! We headed down only to be hit by the long, hard stick of disappointment. It was an arts and craft market. I had visions of Hawaiian BBQ and other fine foods to gorge on all afternoon. Not one to miss a meal we made good of a bad situation and headed to the ever faithful Lava Java. 
As the afternoon set in my stomach was full and the Granger's blew into town. I think Belinda and Justin are stalking us! ha ha. No they are here for Honu 70.3 also. It should be a cracking race as long as both Sam McGlone and Bree Wee are still racing. 

Finally the biggest news in my world this week is the arrival of my super sweet K-Swiss "Venice" high tops. I will drive Luke mad tomorrow and make him take some pix of these fully rad shoes! It has been more than a few years since I buried my last pair and I am ready to bust these bad boys out!

Stay tuned 

Memphis x