Sunday, May 3, 2009

Busso Half!

Wow what a world wind tour... WA in 48 hours! In , race and back out! 
The coach did not taper me much... not if you include the day of flying. After my biggest run week ever I went to WA with the knowledge that this was not a focus race but I had to race properly. 

The swim was filled with stinger buggers... I feel off Charlotte's feet and was in no mans land. I hate that. Oh well never mind focus on the bike. Out on the bike I felt super slug like after all the IM Japan training but knew that that was no reason to be lazy. I caught up to a speedy girl I came into transition 1 with. She and I rode legally for two laps till we caught 2 other girls. A few blokes went past but they were way to fast to jump on. I was laughing at the age group pack half a lap back. I have never seen such a bunch of cheating drafters but to be fair the race set up did not help their cause. 3 lap courses are a waste of time. 

Anyways back to the pro field. I saw that Luke had dropped Pete and was charging on to what would be a course record. YAY Lukey you are such a friggin stud babe. 
I continued to try to break away but Jasmine refused to let anyone take the lead so I gave up that fight. Off the bike I took the longest time getting my shoes on.... what I was doing I will never know. 

Run time. Well..... I have never been known for my run but this week I had already done 67 kms this week alone before the race. I have been smashing myself in training and really did not get a chance to run fast in China due to the weather. I was determine to run hard no matter what. Lap 1 was a bit uneventful but lap 2 and 3 I put the hurt on myself. I managed to negative split my run and PB my run and Half IM time. 8th pro.  With no taper and a hard race just 2 weeks ago I was pleased with my result. All seems to be going well for IM Japan in June. 

It was super great to see the family this weekend. Thanks for cheering every one. 

Stay tuned 
Memphis x