Saturday, April 25, 2009

Summer's End BBQ

Well all good things must come to an end. Summer is finishing up and our people are scattering all over the globe. Noosa misses Hillary and all the others that have come to the train in the  haven of Noosa. The weather is now amazing but we know it will change quickly. Kristian and Lady Charlotta are having the "end of summer bbq" tonight. 

Belinda, Juz, Luke and I have bought out Dan Murphy's. We are feasting on Mahi Mahi! I will be taking photo's and posting them later. 

Our long National Park runs are nearly over. As sad as we are to leave our beautiful little house we will be back in November. In the mean time the Kiwi's will be visiting and making good use of it for their build up for Kona. I have yet to tell Gina about Albert our community carpet python. I am sure she will be fine ha ha ha . 

One more quick trip to West OZ next weekend for a half IM. I am getting ready to feel the PAIN dealt out by Bek Keat. It will be nice to see Sissy before I head OS. 

Stay Tuned 
Memphis x