Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oh My Lanta!

Luke on the run... GO LUKE GO!
Happy Jac and the World Champ Chrissy!
Kickin' it road side with my home girl SUM!
One of Larry Rosa's amazing photo's of Luke 

Hawaii World Champs is such an amazing race. People can have the best of days or the worst of days but for me I will forever be grateful just to have been here and to be part of it. Even if it was only as a spectator. 

In the shortened version of the day Luke started out well and then had a bad patch but finished like a true pro. Things went all wrong but he fought back and went on to make it all right in the end. For a longer, more detailed version check out his blog
For me I got to scoot around with Sum Sum and cheer on all the people that I knew. I was so proud of every one of them. 
I was so inspired and have been continuing on with the hard core Florida training. I have been focusing more than ever so that one day I can get here and race as a pro as well. 

Some major highlights of Hawaii this year were : 

Watching Triple L tear up the women's field and run in super strong for a PB and 5Th place over all...Yay Linsey whoop whoop 5Th in Kona.

Rachel Ross running around in her smokin hot one piece Timex kit.... she was bringing sexy back all day long and brought a 3rd place podium with it. 

Meeting Alex, Blake,Paulina and Julianne for the first time.... I love my team members they are rock stars. However this was the first time we met as I had to miss camp earlier in the year. 

Hanging with the Home Boyz - Tristian , Keithy , Doug and Benji.

Seeing all the people I know racing out there. My voice was gone but I was so friggin proud of them all. 

Lukey crossing the line in spite of having the Kona gods against him all day..... Babe you put this one in the bank... one day you will need to draw on something deep inside to win this race. You will remember that you are a fighter, that you never quit and that to win you must first learn to suffer and be humbled. 

To my Mum and John, thank you so much for coming and seeing what it is I am chasing. I know that even though I was not in the race I am where I belong. I am blessed that you just wanted to be a part of it and that you were there to watch Lukey race as well. Thanks for coming to the party Mumma and drinking way too many Mai X-Tri's with me. It's moments like those that I store for when we don't see each other for so long. You really seem happy in your life and now you get to see why I am so happy too. 
Pete, Vic, Jac, Guy and Summer were there and we all had an awesome time as usual. You guys make Kona so much fun. The only person missing was Adrian and he will be back next year. :) 

Mahalo and stay tuned 
Memphis x