Monday, September 15, 2008

Olympic Distance Shinnanigans and fun.

How much fun are Olympic tri's! For this long course racer Olympic distance races are a thing of the past. To be honest I never really got into them. Did a few but liked the long stuff . 

On Sunday I did a Olympic distance race in Malibu California. I went to registration with the intention of entering the age group race but was quickly informed that if you race long as a pro in the USA that you can not be in age group for the short stuff. It's pro all the way or nothing. 

After getting the giggles and entering anyways I realised how long it had been since my last one.
There are a few big differences in the two racing distances. When you race short you use slightly different equipment here are some funny things I laughed at after the race:

1. Not every one MUST have an aero helmet.... as I had lent mine to Prue for her IM Wisconsin race I donned the trusty training skid lid and was not shamed in the transition area as ex Olympian Julie Ertel didn't have one either. Whats good for her is good for me.

2. The swim is over in a flash and those short course girls swim flat out and very fast. No pacing yourself here. 

3. Transition 1 was sooooo funny as the run from the swim exit was so long and I was busy enjoying the luxury carpet...nice touch. 

4. Speed humps and tight turns in car parks are tricky.... mental a real pair of tri shoes for short races. Getting feet in quickly is a must so that you have all eyes on the tricky bits.

5. 40 kms on the bike is over before you know it. No need for a bento box. Snacks not required. 
1 bidden is all that is needed too. 

6. People laugh at you in T2 if you stop to put sox on. Seriously I don't know how to run without them. 

7. If you need to go to the bathroom the porta loos are not the only option. Lovely clean beach toilets are only a way up the road and no one sees you going in or out and that horrible smell is no where near as bad.

8. Your legs feel totally different after only 40 kms on the bike and I managed to run with some kind of respectable cadence. Now all i have to do is hold it for 42 and magic.... a 3.10 marathon.

It was a great day for me in the end.... coming into the finish shoot with a PB in spite of a long beach toilet pit stop was a nice change. I had been trying so many new things earlier this year in the quest to get big gains with diabolical results. I went back to my old crank length after IM Canada and have been working so hard on cadence for my run. It was nice to see a good result. Next weekend is Cancun 70.3 hopefully I can continue on in this direction for the remainder of the year.

Stay tuned