Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hawaii Bound

Well its that time of the year....Hawaii Ironman time!  I am soooooo excited. Not only is my super speedy and very hot boyfriend competing in the pro race but a ton of my friends are racing too. I have that many people to cheer for this year that I have brought in reinforcements. Firstly my mum and her hubby Johnno will be attending this years gala event ( I think she got a little carried away after I qualified last year and thought that "no dramas she will do it again this year as a pro" ) Both of Lukey's parents will be there for them to cheer with. I will be busy scooting around with my long time friend and "Super Duper San Diego Sista" Miss Summer Twist.

Miss Twist (yes that is her real name) and I have been friends since I first came to the USA nearly 3 or is it 4 years ago. She and I have laughed, cried and drank many a nights away. Every time I see her I am reminded of how important true friends are. This year I have not seen her as much as I wanted to but true to her word she is returning to the big island to help me cheer everyone on. Last year I made the cut and got to race and she and my darling Adrian cheered me all the way over the line. This year she will yell, jump and scream for everyone I know and some poor souls that we don't. 

I have had a really hard year of racing and have learnt so many things. I have had some good, some bad and some average to below results but going to Kona and watching everyone I admire and respect race their guts out will give me that little extra boost to keep on training for my last race of the year IM FL. I love this sport and the people in it. Watching is so much fun.

Here is my 2 cents worth for the finish podium outcome 2008.

Luke McKenzie  mens 2008 winner- If for some strange reason this is not the case here is my back up results.

Macca - As with every other distance, once he figured out how to win, he has been unbeatable. Go Macca!!!!!!! 

Eneko Lanos - Has proven that he has matured in to one hard muther F*$&er!

Crowie - Is still pissed that Macca ran away from him in the early stages of last years marathon. He will be one of the only 3 that can beat Macca and will do so or blow up trying. 

Chris Lieto - Mr All American...... God dam it Chris I hope you can win this year. America loves a clean cut hero and you are it. Run for your life son and this just might be the year.

As for the girls here is my picks.

Chrissy Wellington - I think she will be showing the world what girls are capable of. She is legit. She won't even be racing the other women she will be in the mix with the blokes by the end of the energy lab. 

Sam McGlone - This firey red head is the "Crowie" of the women's field. She still can't believe that she and Kate let Chrissy go by on the bike last year. Hindsight is a horrible thing. If she is uninjured coming into this she will also come close or blow up trying. 

Tyler Stewart - Her swim has improved and she is looking SUPER fit. Don't be surprised if she does a Natasha and comes from the back to the front of the field on the bike. A cracker of a run is needed to keep up with the stellar runners in the race however.  Watch out for the freight train of girls that if smart enough will use her to make their way up to the lead group.

The rest of the top ten in no particular order as you will be able to through a blanket over them coming up the finishing shoot are as follows - 

Kate, Bek, Linsey, Jo, Kim, Leanda, Erika, Belinda.

Good Luck to everyone out there.... don't forget to smile if you see me out there cheering!

Memphis x x x x