Friday, August 1, 2008

Training for Ironman Canada.

Wow what a few weeks! I have been up here in Bend Oregon and have been training like a woman possessed. I have been on an IM program which my coach wrote for me a few months back. This is VERY new for me as in the past I have been doing what ever I put together or whatever Luke wrote down for me. Over time Luke and I realised that I was just not capable of doing what he does. He has had years of training and I have really just did not have the miles in my legs to follow suit. After IM China this year I made the decision to get a coach. Some people can be coached by anyone but I am a little harder to find a good fit. I can be a little stubborn and I travel a lot so I needed to find someone that was a little more flexible and understanding. 

I had already had a bit of a chat with Kristian at IM Australia earlier in the year. His wife Charlotte is a pro woman and a killer runner so I knew he was onto something. I had to procrastinate a little and I wanted to be sure that I would actually be committed. I have a tendency to start things but not to finish them. Along with the fact that I had a hard time following direction.
After a long chat with Luke I finally realised that if I wanted to become a good athlete with the hope of one day becoming a great athlete then I needed to take this step. 

So here I am 6 weeks later following the program and you know what..... Kristian is a genius! Not only have I made massive improvements but I actually love running now. He has managed to take the mystery out of how to get better. He has broken it all the way down and has built me up. Now I find it weird if I do not run off the bike , I look forward to 2.5 hour runs and find efforts totally rewarding. Who would have ever thought that they would ever hear me say that!!!

I am a realist and I know that this is just the beginning of my IM journey. I have a long way to go and a lot of time time make up on the front of the pack. However now I can actually see how I might actually be able to do it. With the help of Luke and my new coach Kristian of TriSpecific I now understand that a plan.... a really good plan is the other thing that you need to get all the way to that podium one day. Just remember that you along with that your plan you must always BELIEVE and follow the dream that no one else can see. 

Stay true , train hard