Saturday, August 9, 2008

2 weeks to go!

Holy Cow!!!! Only two weeks to go. My time has flown. Today Luke, Prue, Jeffo and I went out for my last 6 hour ride. I love Bend. There are endless rides to go on around here. A new one for me today.... Luke likes to keep me guessing. We took off and within 2 and a half hours we had travelled out of town, through the desert and dropped down into one of the most beautiful canyons. I blinked and we were back in town and the six hours was over. 

I took up the position on the couch. Sleeping while trying to watch the olympics!!!! Oh well lucky we have TVO.  

I think we will head up to Canada as soon as in a week. I want to go and practice the decent on that dam Yellow Lake. I am just not a fan of hurling myself down a mountain whilst wrestling with massive cross winds. Also it will be fun to go and train with Kristian and Char. They have been up there for a few weeks now. Kristian is the one responsible for my new deep deep love of running. 

OOOOOh and also "Happy Jac" aka Luke's little sister will arrive here in just over a week and a half. I am so excited. She has been in England with some tall skinny bloke called Guy. Some may know him from your Blue Seventy fitting :) Well he has buggered off to the Olympic's and that means she gets to come hang out with us.... we all know she will be training MUCH harder with us!!!! Ha ha ha 

Well hopefully we will take some cool pictures and post them here soon... this blog is all a bit boring. 

Stay tuned 

Memphis x