Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tapering.... how hard is this.

People who do Ironman are maybe a bit strange and perhaps even a touch crazy. We swim, bike and run more than what is considered normal. We obsess about our heart rates, our weight, tyre pressure, power tap readings, how many calories we put in a biddon on a long ride, matching cycle kits and have heated debates on whether or not long compression socks are ruining our sports image. After months of doing all of this while following a program that will hopefully lead us to race day glory of either a PB, a kona slot, a podium or even just the finish line we first must enter the "taper" period. 

Now on paper the "taper" time should be a welcome relief  from all the gnarly training but alas this is where everything goes pear shaped. I personally struggle with slowing down. I always get a touch crazy in the first few days.... I cant sit still. I start baking and cooking. Poor Luke gets food shoved in his face. I obviously cant eat it. I am busy obsessing over my weight and wondering if it is possible to gain 2 kgs in this next 2 weeks. Hopefully NOT!!!!

I know how this all sounds....really I do. I guess I just wanted to write about it so that other people don't think they are crazy. Also if I put it down in a blog then hopefully I will not find the need to talk about it and drive Luke and Joey ( housemate) mad. 

I am filling in the time with some serious Olympic Games watching... GO AUSSIES!!!! Also I have been getting some of the best body work done by Tim Monaco here in Bend. He is a magician and can fix any niggle with just 90 mins on the table. The Golden Turtle has had a little love and is ready for the road trip up to Penticton

Luke and I will be packing her up and hitting the road on Friday. 

 See you up there!!!!

Memphis x x