Saturday, August 16, 2008

Over the border!!!!

The "GT" has done it again. Our super duper camper van has been a super star yet again. We loaded her up with all our stuff + a new scooter and have made the mission up to Penticton. Mind you the poor old lady of the road felt the strain of the 220 pound "SWIZZLE" scooter as she went up and over mountain pass after mountain pass.

You know when you go on a road trip and you see the vintage old camper van creeping so slowly up the hills that you laugh and say"those guys will never make it" .... well that was us yesterday and in 103 degree heat. The GT did not let us down though. She did chew through a few quarts of oil. I am not so sure how green she is but hey we made it!!!!!!

This year's race just may be a scorcher as this part of the world is heating up and even the lake is warm. Last year you did not want to get in with out your wetty but this year it is super toasty. Luke has  taken off and gone for the first of many long rides. I am left to do what I do best in these times of taper.... Go to the farmers market!!!!!! 

Take care , train hard and never eat the whole batch of brownies in one day!!

Memphis x