Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mexican Madness

Once upon a time there was race down in Mexico. It was the most organized race ever. Yeah right.
What a debarklel! Whilst over all it was fun and successful for us personally, it was a nightmare!
The "organizers" and I do use this term lightly, had good intentions they failed to "organize" a thing.

We arrived as instructed at the San Diego Airport on time at 2pm. Our bus left 3 hours later at 5pm. Mmm.... this was to be a sign of things to come. Actually the first sign was that no one from last year returned. Once we arrived at the "Host Hotel" we were told that we were all staying somewhere completely different. Transport was on its way. Not that we did not have a perfectly good bus right in front of us but hey who were we to argue .... yet!

Luke and I were the lucky ones and we were put up in the Best Western which was situated right in the heart of Ensenada. While we happily walked around and ate yummy fish tacos and held the beggers at bay the others were shipped of to the furtherest away hotel that they could find. 40 minuetes from town to be exact. So that was the last of them that we saw till race morning. I love Mexico because of the food. I think I ate the worlds biggest quesidilla one day. 16 inches so they said. On the Friday afternoon we were taken to Mexico's largest winery..... i do love a winery. This was my personal highlight.

However back to the race. Race morning was quite cool and overcast. The swim went off with out a hitch and Luke came out of the water in third. Out they went on a VERY hilly course. First back in was Walto, 2nd Paul Ambrose, 3rd Oscar Golindez followed by Macca and Luke 4th and 5th. Both Macca and Lukey ran out of transition looking the goods. By the 10km mark both Macca and Luke had caught Oscar and were closing in on Paul. Macca started to pull right away and was clearly going to run down Walto. Luke got Paul soon after and was now in third. He couldn't quite catch Walto so crossed the line in a fantastic 3.58 hrs and third. It was so exciting to see him racing so well after the whole knee injury of last year.
I definitely had a case of FOMO (fear of missing out) and I am pumped for my next race which is coming up in three weeks.