Friday, May 20, 2011

When life gives you lemons ... make lemonade!

Since my last blog months ago there has been a life overhaul. Somewhere in April I turned 30 something. For my birthday I bought myself a present. A coach. Not just a best friend whom loves me and has helped me write my own programs (Belinda you are the best friend a girl could ask for) but a real full time nazi!!! Jokes, my new coach is no nazi but she is a wealth of knowledge and so passionate she instantly rocks your world. She has had me on her plan for the last 5 weeks and my god I had no idea I could work this hard and feel so good.

Siri has an amazing squad out of Borrego Springs and Santa Monica CA. A bunch of my friend are with her and we are a perfect fit. Even though I just spent the last month in Kona with Lukey I got more out of my training and myself than I ever imagined.

The ribs have healed and I am fit as. I am so looking forward to Brazil. I will fly down to South America with the other BFF Hillary Biscay on Monday. However before this happens there is a little race called IM Texas to watch.

Husband and super duper tri trooper Luke has a massive race on Sat. I will be virtual spectator and live twitter'er (is that a word) all day long.

Drop by his live site to see all the action

Stay tuned

Memphis x