Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Italy to Spain and a tragic accident.

One might have thought that the fact that Germany smacked us 4-0 in the football would have been enough. Oh no the Germans decided to put the boot in with a 12 hour delay and a completely smashed Scott Plasma LTD. Luke was horrified to open his bike box and discover that Scarlet had been smashed to pieces. Air Berlin shame on you. I have had a scratch or 2 in the past. I have even seen a small dent and this is the price you pay for traveling with bikes but this damage is unbelievable. Honestly this damage is so shocking and I warn viewers to look at the pictures below at their own risk.

Luckily for us we have the world greatest sponsor in Scott and Frank the AMAZING has sent Luke a new frame as of today. It should be here by Friday and built by Monday.

Scarlet will be sorely missed as she was a 2x Ironman Champ and she had gumption. She was beautiful and she knew it but she was classy and graceful in her acceptance that others would always stare and ogle her. As we sadly strip her down for spare parts we say goodbye to a fabulous lady. Thanks for the rides you were great :)

We will post new pictures of the new ride with her new name as soon as we can. In the mean time it is swimming and running for Lukey Boy. Marbella is turning out to be as beautiful as Lu and Jamie had promised.

Dear Zipp , any chance of a new one this one might not pass safety standards.
Yes your eyes are in fact seeing and folded in half carbon fork.
A top tube with a hole in it is not very aero.
Yep the other side of the folk was also snapped in half.... NICE ONE AIR BERLIN !!!

Stay Tuned

Memphis x