Thursday, January 28, 2010

Snow one day sunny San Diego the next!

Me and Bogee and the prized medal!!!! Very cool!
It is snowing I swear... the weather lady used the term "flurries"
The Master Chef Bill and second chef Bogee.
The master piece!!!!

This country is HUGE. In the last few days I have been all the way across it and back.

San Diego, Houston, Tampa, Washington, Knoxville, Chicago, San Diego.

What a 48 hours. I had to do some work but you know me I managed to fit in some play!!!!
I arrived in Knoxville after a world wind meeting in Tampa. I was staying at friend and Olympian Bill's Schmidt house. Bill competed in the Olympics in Munich. Not only did he compete but he won a bronze medal. Bill is rad and super fun. He picked me up in the freezing cold. As in snowing cold. I have only seen snow like twice before, OK maybe 3 times. We headed out to the market to buy massive steaks for dinner and I made him take pictures of me in the snow fall as I am a massive dork.

Dinner was cooked buy Bill and Bill's super duper dog Bogee. He is ten and fighting fit. A lab.
After dinner Tony arrived to give me a much needed massage as I was still walking like a retarded crab and needed one desperately. Tony also went to the Olympics for 800 mts. So basically I was a bit Olympic fevered and made the boys tell me all the amazing stories of their experiences.

After the massage another glass of red took care of the jet lag and I went to bed. Yet another 6am flight and I arrived back where I started just 48 hours earlier... San Diego.

It is 2 pm now and I have a date with "MO"

Stay tuned

Memphis x