Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sun Valley to Boulder CO

After escaping with our lives from the boys at Scott it was a quick trip across the car park to Chopper at Smith. We love Chopper. Basically he is a man/child. Man because he is married with 2 kids and holds down a job but child as the day we visited him he had just done nine holes of golf that involved large quantities of beer. My kind of fellow really. 

Chopper has taken care of Luke for 10 years at Smith. They make the worlds best and coolest glasses. We managed to rumble him for some racing brand spanking new ones and even left him with a massive order of casuals. Not sure if later in the day when the booze will wear off weather  he will put the Kibosh on it but hey you can't blame a girl for trying. 

We packed up and rolled out of there riding off into the sunset. Colorado bound. 
My coach and dear friend "Mina" lives in Boulder with her beautiful husband better known as "Coconut Bum". We stopped a few nights at Greg and Laura Bennett's house. Bless them they threw a BBQ that grew and grew till there house was filled to the rafters. Some hard sessions at altitude was in order. I loved it except the asthma went nuts. Never fear. Mathias claimed to see a bear while out riding with GB. Very exciting !!!!!!!

Sadly we said goodbye to all our great friend in Boulder and rushed out of town.... late again ha ha ha Jimmy tries to make me a schedule but I can never keep it with all the chatting needed. 
Never fear plans were made to meet up later in the year. 

Off on the road again

Stay tuned 
Memphis x