Saturday, August 29, 2009

Speedway Indiana

Jimmy, Go Pro and Memphis!
The Brick Yard

Nice lycra kids !!!
"Go Pro" just a few days before our visit. 

Sweet lord, Baby Jesus..... maybe I am picking up some of the south! What a wicked awesome day we had today. We rolled into town an hour late due to the fact that we crossed a time line and no one in the car realised. We headed to Zipp World Headquarters. At Zipp we have the coolest sponsor ever. Greg "GO Pro" he is a sweet young thing ..... that's the south getting to me again.... who has just gotten his pro card. He is super awesome and showed us around the factory. Zipp makes the fasted wheels in the business and what an amazing place. They banned us from taking any cool pictures unfortunately. Top secret stuff you know. He showed us the whole process of carbon fiber wheel making and I was very impressed with the intricate hand made process. Who would have thought!!!!! Not me.  We sat down with some of the media guys and did a cool web live pod cast. I will add the link when we get it :) 

Anyways after the tour we strapped on the lycra and headed out to the local park ride.... Go Pro is not yet allowed out on the open roads after face planting it off his bike the other week and loosing some teeth. Ride done and a huge salad  to refuel we headed back out on the road for the final leg to Louisville KY. But not before stopping at the world famous Indianapolis "Brick Yard" Speedway. 

Some how on the way we got hungry again. We tried really hard to take the sandwich Subway option but as we pulled up to the exit there was trouble on the side of the road. A sign saying "Real Fresh BBQ" Heck no that was too good to pass up. Hell we were in the South and lord knows that you don't get better BBQ than in the south. Clearly not a healthy choice but hell I love BBQ.  Ribs and pulled Pork sandwich. Yum. 

Back in the car and over the state lines to Louisville we go!

Stay tuned 

Memphis x