Thursday, August 27, 2009

On the road!

Wow this road trip is epic... it all started out in LA a few months ago but really got going last week in Bend OR. We headed out of bend on the Wednesday afternoon after picking up the last of the road trip supplies. Luke took the driving on as usual ( he dominates the drivers seat until he can't keep his eyes open) however I have been know to take a nap or two in the past so whatever. 

We crossed through Oregon pretty quickly stopping at Boise. I was hoping to catch dinner with Kate Bevilaquia (fellow west oz pro, she is a future IM super star) but the time line got a bit screwy and we were running late. The search for a Red Lobster ended in tears as we had to settle for Denny's. Red Lobster is a chain food restaurant that I love. Denny's is NOT. 

The next day bright and early we headed out in search of Sun Valley. Now for those of you who are not familiar with the USA Sun Valley is the first ever USA ski resort. Needless to say it has loads of old money mansions which sadly stay empty for the majority of the year. Clearly they could be loaned to triathletes and Mountain bikers who need a summer training centre but hey the rich like to have things available at all times :( 

Sun Valley is so cool in the summer. Scott USA ( our rad bike sponsor) lives there. Adrian and Scott Montgomery run the show. Scott was out of town but that didn't mean that Adrian rocked our world with a little Idaho lovin'. 

First up was a down hill mountain bike ride. MMMMMM it has been 13 years and a broken arm since I last rode a mountain bike. Holy Crap Batman. First of all I was not expecting to be taken all the way up the chair lift to 9000 ft only to be told that the "easy" trail down was sheer cliff face. 

Most of you that have seen my life's progression through the years know that in spite of the awesome athletic nature of this job I am in fact a complete "UN CO" (un coordinated person) and have no descending skills at all. This was going to be trouble. As it turns out "Old Nanna Baldo" was not as bad as first imagined. Apparently there has been quite the development in 13 years and these down hill Scott MTB machines are AWESOME. They kind of take all the tricky maneuvering out of it and instead you just trust the tyres and fly over the rocks and debris. No longer do you weave and wonder when you will fall flat on your face. After getting the hang of things I was having a blast. Further up ahead the boys were getting into all sorts of mischief. Luke actually came to grief early. Real early as in the carport before we left. He was trying to jump a concrete gutter. His mental ability WAY out weighed his physical ability. HA HA HA. 

Anyways back out in the wild.... Luke had come a second "gutza" falling and collecting some gravel rash. The gravel rash had no effect on his mood as he had a grin from ear to ear. I was of course thinking that Adrian had just broken "The money makers" but to his credit no serious damage. Once at the bottom of the mountain I could see why everyone goes all nuts over mountain biking. I am now addicted and have put claims on the bike we were sent just a few weeks ago. 

After such an exciting day we went to one of my favourite places...The HOT SPRINGS :) 
Adrian , Luke , Joe and myself went out for hard earned pizza at a little cool place in town. Drank some red and talked some shit. 

One might think that after the day before, with all the spills and bruises the boys might settle down a little but alas NO. The Pee Wee 50's came out and we all went dirt bike riding. Now this I can do... but on a regular sized dirt bike. I could not stop laughing as the boys took yet another tumble. Both of them looked like clowns on mini bikes. Luke limped out of there wondering if perhaps he took it just a touch too far. 

More on the Adventures of Jimmy and Memphis tomorrow ..... Pictures will be added in a jiffy:) 

Stay tuned 

Memphis x