Thursday, April 24, 2008

San Francisco and the new ride.

After a long flight with sore feet Luke and I have arrived in San Francisco. We picked up the "GT" and headed to our friend Dani's house. I was so excited to be picking up my new ride. A Trek TT. While I have loved my little QRoo my new team "Timex" hooked me up with this super pimped out bright orange speed machine. I headed on over to the boys at Bike Nutz and got fitted this morning. I will be back on the bike by tomorrow. Luckily really as the QRoo has been lost in transit and wont be here for a few days.  I am signed up for Wildflower but am pretty sure that the blisters on my feet wont be recovered in time so it will have to wait to Florida 70.3  to rip it up.  

While the race in China was brutal it has done nothing to diminish my seasons enthusiasm and I am hanging out to get training again. 
As soon as all lost luggage is here in SF we will head on down to the Wildflower course. Luke will be racing no matter what and i will be training hard for Florida in a month.

Stay tuned