Tuesday, July 10, 2007

4th of July

First a bit of a stop over in beautiful Sun Valley Idaho to see our boy Chopper! What a stunning little town. Plenty of coin is splashed around here.... in the winter of course. In the summer it is a bike riding paradise. We spent the morning riding and running around this ski village.

Then took to the road and Jimmy finally let me get out and hop into this awesome hot springs on the side of the road. A must for all weiry travellers.

We arrived to our hosts Linsey and Chris Corbin's ladden with small but deadly gifts.... Fireworks. Fireworks in OZ are illegal so this was going to be quite the novelty. Linsey took us out for a great run along Rattlesnakes trail and a ride around the local back roads. We came home hungry to a fresh Alaskan Salmon..... never have you tasted such sweet fresh fish.

The next morning (4th) we piled on over to Chris's workplace.... The world famous "Big Sky Brewery". Ok so thats not quite true yet but after he has finished marketing the brewery it will be!!!! A day of rafting was instal. Onto the bus and down to the Clark Fork River. Designated rafts were stocked with coolers of "Moose Drool" a wicked ale.

Ours appeared to be the flimsiest. Once onboard we discovered that Jimmy was the "paddle Nazi". A stop for lunch on the banks of the river.

Some rapids to finish off the day. Sweet....

How come the bus trip home always seems so so long... Jimmy needed quite the nap.

Sitting around enjoying a fine meal of pulled pork..... and outstanding Moose Drool.

Chris in his sexy "jumper"..... HOT!!!!!